Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orly Androgynie Swatch & FOTD

Today I bring you a swatch of a nail polish I was really excited when I bought it at Sally's (on sale!) a few days ago. The nail polish is Orly Androgynie; it's a black based nail polish with a small golden sparkle, a slightly larger silver and almost holographic rainbow sparkle, and a large rainbow glitter. The nail polish looks gorgeous in the bottle. It applied well, I have on 3 coats on most nails, but others took only 2.

My problem with this nail polish is that there isn't near enough sparkle when applied as in the bottle! I was so excited to have some spectacularly glittery nails for new years, and that was not the result. It's still a gorgeous nail polish, but not what I was expecting.

In addition to this nail polish, I also picked up my first bottle of Seche Vite top coat. Besides its repulsive smell (even for a nail polish...) it works amazing. So glossy and dries so quickly. And not just to the touch like most fast drying top coats; it seems like the nail is sufficiently dry to actually proceed in activities soon afterwards!

Onto the swatches. It was really really difficult to capture, my camera was acting up and the sun had already gone down.

See how gorgeous it looks?

With flash

Without flash

Had an idea for a new years look to make it more glittery.

And finally, just my look of the day. I still cannot figure out why my pictures turn out like shit. :/

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  1. Let me just say this, your photos do not turn out like shit, first of all. Second, you are something I've always seen as classically beautiful.

    You have a talent for creating flawless blending, so far as I have seen. I look forward to seeing more from you!

    Have a nice day, Jess. :]