Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EOTD: St. Patrick's Day Greens

Last year St. Patrick's day was a Thursday and my boyfriend was sick and had an exam the next morning so we went to a friend's place and played Mario Cart and ate pancakes! Not a so traditional St. Patrick's day but memorable none-the-less. This year I'm sure will be more eventful since it's on a Saturday, so I've decided to prepare a dramatic green St. Patrick's day look for March the 17th's events!

I plan on also going out this weekend to pick up some China Glaze Hunger Games polishes!!! And hopefully soon I'll be able to find the Essie Resort 2012 collection.

Don't forget to also check out the poll I posted and give me your answers!

Click into the cut to find out what I used!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm just curious, of my few readers, what do you want to see more of!? I'd love to cater to you all, so ideas would be great :)

Take a minute to voice your opinion in the poll below, or leave me a comment with ideas!

- Jessica

What would you like to see me post more of?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Essie Lapiz of Luxury & Pure Pearlfection Swatches

It was so much like spring where I live the last few weeks that I need to get into the spring-polish mood and hope that this cold goes away! So after enjoying and loving my Gosh Miss Minty manicure for the week, I decided to go onto a beautiful light cornflower sky blue; Essie Lapiz of Luxury. This polish is from the Resort 2010 collection and I am so anticipating the Resort 2012 collection! They are gorgeousssss polishes.

Anyway, onto Lapiz! The colour is gorgeous and the application was decent. I did two thin coats and a fairly thick third coat. I probably could have got away with 2 coats if they were on the thicker side but when I did it, I still had VNL on the second coat.

Excuse my cuticles - I've worked a lot in the last week.

On top of Lapiz of Luxury I added my new Luxeffects addition to my collection - Pure Pearlfection. This polish is gorgeous. It's a pearly microglitter and it just reflects light so beautifully off the nail. It's the perfect addition to any nail polish.
This is a "gradient" effect, so its closer to 3 coats at the tip of my nail and 1 near the base.

Which of the luxeffect collection have you picked up? Which one is must-have in your opinion?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gosh Miss Minty Swatch

So yesterday I got a mini haul because I just couldn't resist the spring colours out on the shelf! I got a beautiful minty green Gosh Miss Minty, a sky blue Essie Lapiz of Luxury, and a greige that I've been wanting Essie Chinchilly.

For today, I present you with the swatch of Gosh Miss Minty. It's absolutely wonderful and gorgeous and springy. It's very similar to Essie Turquoise and Caicos. This is the perfect colour for the "in" colours this spring.

The formula was thick and a bit streaky; it needed patience to get solid and some of my fingers could have used a third coat, but I decided to stick with two. It evens out pretty good by itself, which is good because it tended towards that ridged streaky side. It's definitely worth working for, the colour is amazing.

Are you excited for the spring collections?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: NOTD & EOTD

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I personally am not a big fan of the day, but you know, any reason to do themed nails and makeup is okay by me!

I did a red and pink striped manicure with all Quo by Orly nail polishes. I adore it!

For the look, I did a soft peach lid with a smoked out cranberry crease, blended out with a light pink. It's such a pretty look. Onto the pictures and products!

The colours are:
Pink: True Love
Red: Red Hot
Dark Red: Very Vixen

Click "Read more" below to find out what I used!

Friday, February 10, 2012

NOTD: Coffee Break with Navy Blue Konad Tips

I decided to do something fancy but still kinda simplistic today, so I went for a nude base with a navy blue stamped french tip :) Some of the designs ended up being a little crooked but I'm still getting used to stamping!

  • Essie Feed Me Basecoat
  • Orly Coffee Break (2 coats)
  • Sally Hansen Insta-dri Blazing Blue (which their website says is now discontinued...)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

    As a side note, the Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polishes are perfect for stamping because they tend to get very thick and goopy after about 1 year of first being opened... so they are just the perfect thickness for stamping at that point.

    And the beautiful blue half-moon manicure I had on before this one that I never got any good pictures of (I ended up peeling this one off finger-by-finger in class because I was bored)

  • Essie Feed Me Base Coat
  • OPI Go On Green (4 coats)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue (1 coat)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

    How do you like your nails; 1 colour at a time or covered in nail art?

    Hope everyone's great!
  • Tuesday, February 07, 2012

    Miss LV's Naked 2 Competition

    The blogger Miss LV is having a competition where you can win the Naked 2 Palette!
    How exciting and generous is that?
    Anyway, go check it out here: Miss LV's Competition; you can get a total of 6 entries into the contest!

    Good luck!

    Saturday, February 04, 2012

    LOTD: Teal & Purple Makeup Geek Look!

    I just grabbed some quick ipod touch pictures of my look i did for my boyfriend coming to visit today because i loved it ; )

  • UDPP
  • Makeup Geek Sea Mist
  • Makeup Geek Shimmermint
  • Makeup Geek Duchess
  • Purple from 88 palette
  • Maybelline Color Tattoos in Painted Purple
  • Clinique Day Break Eye Shadow
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara