Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Flower Series: Chrysanthemum

As you may know if you read my intro post on this blog, I have another passion other than makeup; I have always had a love for photography. So a while back when I was looking through my photography folder and came across all these beautifully coloured flowers, I decided to meld my two passions together into a series of makeup looks inspired by the flowers I have photographed. I have 5 looks planned, and this is the first of those five.

This one is inspired by a flower that I don't think is actually a Chrysanthemum but I don't know what it is, so I'm going with Chrysanthemum :P. If anyone can correct me, I'd be grateful!

I did one version of this look a while back (posted here), but I didn't think it was good enough to make official, so I made a face chart and today I produced the look I had planned.

So here we go!

First, the photograph I was inspired by:

Onto the look:



  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • 88 Palette (the darkest pink)
  • Sugarpill Dollipop
  • Clinique Strawberry Fudge duo
  • Sugarpill Tako
  • Sugarpill Buttercupcake
  • Makeup Geek Corrupt
  • Phsycian's Formula 2-in-1 Eye Boost eyeliner
  • NYX white eyeliner pencil
  • Elf blush in Glow
  • Makeup Geek Glamourous/Gold Digger as highlight
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
  • Sugarpill Goldilux


  1. Love the look you did! Definitely very reminiscent of chrysanthemum.

    1. Thanks :) So I achieved what I was going for :) Great!

    2. Just wanted to ask if you do any video tutorials? you are amazing!

    3. Unfortunately not! I'm not much in front of the camera :P Plus I don't actually have anything to record with. Maybe someday!
      Thanks for the compliment :) I appreciate it