Sunday, September 02, 2012

Review: Maybelline Superstay 24 Color

I recently discovered this little makeup gem a few weeks ago. My biggest thing about lip colours is that I have to constantly reapply during the day - that I'll never get through talking to customers all day at work or eating lunch with these magnificent red lips lasting. So when I tried these Maybelline Superstay 24 Color that my friend had purchased I was amazed and impressed and in love. Nothing is perfect, but these little gems are close. 
I'm going to talk about these in general and show you swatches of the 5 that I have. 

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The Maybelline Superstay lip colours have a gloss-like lip colour on one end and a lip balm like gloss stick on the other end.

Doe-foot applicator

The Formula:
I'm in love with this system, the gloss end dries on your lips to stay lasting and the balm end creates a shiny and moisture enriched lip.
Of course, because this is long-lasting and dries onto your lips, it will be rather drying for your lips. When I first started wearing them, I wore them basically every day and by the end of the week my lips were so dried out. I'd keep to wearing them once in a while or exfoliating your lips every night. 

The Pigmentation:
You have to do thin layers with these and I find that the pigmentation is perfect. They're pigmented and not streaky, easy to use.

The Lasting Power:
I would not say 24 hours, but for me, they're wonderfully lasting. I can talk, eat, and even kiss ;) without them coming off. Don't get me wrong, like I said they're not perfect and they will flake around the centre of the lips after a few meals or more than like 6 hours of wear. Easy enough to touch up around the centre of your lips with a gloss like product though. 
Lasting is excellent for a few hours and awesome for not transfering when it comes to eating or kissing(!) but flaking will occur.

Price and Colour Selection:
They have a lot of selection in terms of number, but I find most of the products are in the same colour range. Not to mention that the names of the colours are usually so far off! (Keep it Red = magenta; Cinnamon Stay = muted red!). You can probably find what you're looking for if you look hard enough though.
Price of these is around $10 CAD. I think this is reasonable. 

Eternal Sunset

Very Cranberry

Cinnamon Stay

Keep Up the Flame

Everlasting Wine

Have you tried them? What do you think?!


  1. Would you say "keep up the flame" is a good true red? If not, which one from the collection would be good close call? I'm looking for one with a bluish tone. I got endless ruby. I like it but its a little too dark.

    1. I wouldn't necessarily say "good true red", as it seems a little dull to me; it definitely has a blue-tone and is an awesome red but maybe not a good true red.
      Here is a quick comparison to some other reds I have...
      Revlon Really Red and OCC Stalker are true reds
      Rimmel #11 is a blue-based red that leans on the darker side