Sunday, January 08, 2012

Lubu Heels Gradient

Today I tried my first attempt at a gradient. I used one of the nail polishes I got a few weeks ago at Sally's during the Boxing Day sales. This one wasn't on sale, but I just fell in love with the colour. China Glaze Lubu Heels is GORGEOUS. It's a black based nail polish with bright red microglitter. Even used as the gradient for this manicure, it's beautiful and sparkly and I can imagine it's fairly opaque. I'll post a swatch for it next time I use it by itself.

My first attempt at a gradient turned out fairly well, I think I could use a little bit more practice at it, but I love how it ended up anyway. I used China Glaze Red Pearl as a base and of course Lubu Heels as the darker shade.

Have you ever tried a gradient manicure? What method do you use that works the best?

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