Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: Makeup Geek Shadows

My makeup collection isn't tiny by any means, but since I'm a student on a budget, I don't have a lot of high-end makeup. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to own all kinds of MAC, Urban Decay, Nars, Makeup Forever products, but I can't really afford them (I have a 2-shadow MAC collection and I don't see it getting bigger any time soon!).
So when the website Makeup Geek released these shadows, I was super excited; they're inexpensive and high quality! I've been accumulating them now for some time, but I just received some more today and got super excited about them. I'm only going to be providing swatches for the batch that I received today, but I'll add what I have to say about the rest later on.

Burlesque - Sea Mist - Shimmermint
Last Dance - Poolside - Poison Ivy
Cupcake - Razzleberry

In general, I love Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They've proven to be extremely pigmented, creamy, super blendable, and long-lasting. In addition, they cost only $5.99 a pan (or $7.99 for a compact), which is great on the budget. They have some very unique colours and I have only experienced a couple that need work to get the best pigmentation.
I would 100% recommend these to anyone looking for nicely pigmented eyeshadows in a variety of unique colours.
Pigmentation: 8/10 (there are a couple that fall short)
Price: 10/10 (you can't go wrong for the price)
Overall: 9/10 (in my honest opinion, these are my favourite eyeshadows and I'd recommend them)

To read more in depth about colours and see swatches, read on...

The following eyeshadows are what I received today:
No Flash


Poolside: Bright shimmery teal with flecks of gold. 
This one blew my mind right out of the package, and didn't disappoint. The swatch on the website doesn't even do it justice. This is an insanely bright, extremely pigmented bright sparkly blue/teal. I can't wait to use it!

Razzleberry: Raspberry pink with gold glitter. (from the MUG website)
I would give this one more red than pink, but I love it anyway. Very pigmented, very sparkly, very bright!

Chickadee: Matte yellow orange.
This is a really bright yellow orange, just like the description says; I find the mattes are slightly less pigmented than the more glittery eyeshadows, and you have to work with them a little. This is a great colour.

Cupcake: Matte medium pink.
Just like I said about Chickadee, I feel the same about Cupcake; takes a little more work pigmentation wise, but it's still a gorgeous colour. I'd give it a dusty rose kind of pink, very subdued and natural.

Last Dance: Satin medium to deep plummy brown.
I don't see brown in this at all; to me, this is a much more plummy colour than brown. Pigmentation is good, and I really think this colour will look great with green eyes.

Unicorn: Shimmery blue purple.
Unlike the other shimmery colours, this one is the tiniest pit chalky and needs work to get full pigmentation. Very bright colour, nonetheless.

Country Girl: Shimmery pink brown.
This colour is extremely unique; it is truly a brown that leans pink. I love it and pigmentation is great.

Gold Digger: True metallic gold.
Finally, we have Gold Digger. I found the pigmentation on this was not as good as I was expecting and it is a very yellowy gold. 

Honourable Mentions
I just wanted to mention a few other of my favourites from previous purchases:

Shimmermint: Metallic mint green with gold shimmer.
I love doing greens, but Shimmermint is totally unique and wearable. I wear this alone on the lid with nothing else and feel like I've spent ages on my makeup. It's green but reflects gold, and I love it.

Sensuous: Shimmery purple with flecks of silver.
My favourite purple from MUG so far. You may actually notice I wear this in a lot of my looks; it's gorgeous, pigmented, and goes with everything. 

Moondust: Metallic silver taupe. 
A totally unique addition to my collection, it's just a beautiful colour and so versatile.

Corrupt: Black.
This is mentioned because it is truly the blackest black you COULD ever own. You need a light hand when working with this because the pigmentation is amazing. 

I feel like Makeup Geek is a great company to deal with (have had tremendous customer service with them, including a lost package which was re-sent promptly and with expedited shipping!) and have started to put out some really amazing products. 

This is my honest opinion, because for a much smaller price than any of the big name brand companies, my collection has expanded with some amazing additions. 

There are a couple that fall short and that probably wouldn't purchase again, but in general, these are my favourite eyeshadows. 

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  1. Makeup Geek has launched their Shadows kit. I must say that the kit is very good specially the shimmer and Sensuous. I really like both of these from this kit.