Monday, April 02, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters Creme Brulee, Sweet Tart, Cherry Tart Review & Swatches

A few weeks ago I was looking at my flyers scrounging for good sales at the pharmacies, and I found a sale for buy 1 get 1 free Revlon Lip Butters. I had been reading some excellent things about this product and I'm notorious for ignoring my lips in a good makeup look (I'm a chapstick kind of girl... go ahead and ask me and I could recommend at least 3 of my favourites). I decided to go out and pick up four lipsticks from the pharmacy; I grabbed Creme Brulee, Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, and Sweet Tart.
The following week, another pharmacy had them on sale for $3.99 each! An even better steal than the buy 1 get 1 free at $9.49. So I went back and got two more Cherry Tart and Tutti Frutti.

For this post, I'm going to just review Cherry Tart, Sweet Tart, and Creme Brulee and post a follow-up post on the next three later.

Revlon describes them as:
Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips

The Formula:
I really like these lip butters; they have the formulation of a moisturizing lip stick. They slide on creamy, shiny and smooth.
As for the actual moisturizing part of these, I believe that I have significantly drier lips than the average person, but I find them drying. When you first put them on, they're shiny and gorgeous and feel great on your lips... but after about half an hour to an hour, I find they become very dry. Having a gloss over top helps this and moisturizing beforehand may assist.

Formula: 8/10 (because of drying, but so smooth and creamy!)

The pigmentation is not opaque; if you are looking for an opaque lipstick, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! But for those of you, like me, who are slowly adjusting yourself to bright colours, these are extraordinary. They have just enough colour pay-off to make it noticeable, but light enough to be doable. For those of you who like colour pay-off, though, these are totally buildable.

Pigmentation: 9/10 (for what they are, not as lipsticks)

These aren't meant to be long-lasting lipsticks, but I'd say for a lip butter they last a good amount of time. I'd give mine a solid 2-3 hours of wear before I need to reapply.

Duration: 7/10 (if you're looking for this to last forever, it isn't for you)

Obviously these are excellent quality for the price, and if you have patience you can score an awesome deal like I did. In Canada these are running for $9.49 regular price at pharmacies, but I scored mine for less than $5 each.

Price: 10/10 (fully worth the price)

I love these and wear them every day. They're the perfect product for someone like me who likes to try new things (like bright colours or red lips) but is a bit timid. I find them perfect for a daily lipstick and they're easy to apply and creamy!

Overall: 9/10 (what may be downsides for some, I'm loving in this product)

See swatches for Creme Brulee, Sweet Tart, and Cherry Tart by clicking "Read More"


Creme Brulee

This Lip Butter is the perfect nude for me; it's a mid-tone nude with warm undertones.
It's perfect because it's got just enough warmth and colour to it to make sure it's not a nude that makes you look like you're wearing concealer over your lips ;)
I love this colour paired with just about anything.
I've also used it in my Tron look and look 2 on "Abundance of Looks" post.

Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart is a bright bubblegum pink.
This is definitely something I would typically not even approach as I'm rather fearful of colour on my lips, but I find this one so doable that I've come to love the bright pink lips look. 

Cherry Tart

Cherry Tart is literally a cherry jelly red.
I love this one as I love a red lip, but this is toned down enough that I can wear it out anywhere. It almost looks like a stain once it's on the lip. This one's a huge winner for me.

Hand Swatches:

So that's everything! What do you think of these lip butters? Have you tried them already? Do you plan to?


  1. Great post! I only have one lip butter so far in Pink Truffle and really enjoy it. Where on EARTH did you find these for $3.99 in Canada? Also, what drug store offers them for buy one get one free? I haven't seen ANY in Canada!

    1. Thanks! :)
      I got them at Rexall for buy 1 get 1 free - it was just a 1 week sale though.
      And Shoppers for 3.99, but that was a 2 day sale!
      Definitely keep your eyes on the flyers, they've been on sale frequently lately here :D

    2. Thanks for the tip! I totally missed out on the Shoppers sale - but I never knew Rexall did buy 1 get 1 free sales. I need to pay closer attention to these things!