Friday, December 28, 2012

Collaboration Part 3 with Nikki from Makeup Junkie Nikki!

Nikki from Makeup Junkie Nikki and I decided to continue on our collaboration with parts 3 and 4. Part 3 is a colour palette of my selection using some new Makeup Geek eyeshadows that I recently received. Makeup Geek's eyeshadows are just amazing and getting increasingly better with new releases. They're amazing!

This part includes the eyeshadows: Drama Queen (a dark purple), Bitten (dark blood red), Country Girl (a muted pinky red), and Glamorous (a bronzey gold). Enjoy!

On my lips is:
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in 11 with Sugarpill Goldilux Chromalust patted in the centre of the lips.


  1. I Love it! It's like a sun set! GORGEOUS! XOXO

  2. Gorgeous! Definitely reminds me of a sunset too, couldn't agree more with Nikki.


  3. I think you've just sold me on purchasing Bitten! From a fellow Ontarian here (you can probably feel my pain with all the shipping fees we have to pay). Beautiful look--it'd be bang on trend with an orange lip for summer too :)

  4. Well the shade applied are all fine and really looking amazing but i especially loved the eye liner and i need to look into how i can perfectly apply such on me.